2016-12-22 : Lito Adventures

Let’s see if my reception will allow me to post anything.

So I surprised most people yesterday when I flew to the Philippines to surprise my family.

It was long trip and was made even longer with a 6.5 hour delay in Hong Kong, but it was worth it.

I finally got to my family’s house around 9am and greeted everyone. I then I slept on and off until the afternoon. It was one of my cousin’s birthday and we had a party for her.

All in all it was a great first day to my trip.

2016-12-14 : Lito Adventures

Went into NYC last Saturday with some friends. Went and got some snacks before heading to the Guggenheim museum to look at some art and pretend I know what I’m looking at.

The coolest thing there was this robot that was programmed to wipe up a liquid that looked like blood and the Gold Toilet.

After the Guggenheim we went over to The Met Breuer and looked at some cool art over there.

The highlight of the evening was going to Chinatown and eating Malaysian food at Nyonya. I would definitely go back.

After stuffing ourselves with good food, we went to Rockefeller and Bryant Park.

Winter Village is pretty cool this year and I will probably go back again this week at some point.