2016-11-28 : Lito Adventures

Been back from my LA vacation for a few weeks now. I miss that place. The weather was so nice and I didn’t have to do anything, but relax.

I started my new job and it’s been amazing. I have so much time on my hands. I only have to work 8 hours a day opposed to my previous 12-16 hours. I’ve really loving everything about this place so far.

With all this free time I’ve started to cook again. It’s fun and I’ve been able to save money. I just have to keep it up and plan my meals so that I have enough meals for a few days.

2016-11-15 : Lito Adventures

Traveled back to NY after by Cali vacation. It was bittersweet. The weather when I landed was 50 degrees and it was raining. I wanted to just go back.

I had so much fun and it was something that I really needed to recharge. I was able to have a social life for the first time in a while. I start my new job tomorrow and hopefully I get more of a work-life balance.

Here are pictures from today and some videos from the trip as well.


2016-11-14 : Lito Adventures

Last day of vacation. It’s super bittersweet. I got to hang out in with friends in amazing weather and eat a lot of food. I will definitely be back to visit.

As much as I don’t want to go back to NY I am excited to start my new job tomorrow.

Today I went to a taping of Conan and one of the guests was Lin-Manuel Miranda. It was an awesome experience seeing the show taping.

After that we went to get some Thai food at a place called Palms. Then to the Observatory to check out the Super Moon.

After that we went to Little Tokyo to get some dessert. The ice cream I got was made with Nitrogen which was pretty cool. I gotta take a nap then head to LAX.

It’s been great California – thanks to everyone that made my trip special.

2016-11-11 : Lito Adventures

Day 3. Didn’t post this last night cause I was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep.

Went to Universal yesterday with my friends Stan and Diana. It was pretty awesome. I know I went to Universal when I was younger with my family, but I don’t remember if it was in Cali or Florida. I had a blast at Universal though. The only thing I didn’t get to do was go on Harry Potter ride because the wait was so long the whole day. I’m not too bummed because I definitely got my money’s worth.

After the park, we went to get food at Original Tommy’s in LA. And me being the fatty I am got a lot of food.

Here are the pictures.

2016-11-10 : Lito Adventures

Day two of my LA adventures. Today was mostly spent in San Diego hanging out with my friend Nick.

We went to the San Diego Zoo, got a delicious burrito and ate it at the beach.

I finally got to go fast on the interstate too! LA traffic is so horrible and the parking is pretty bad too.

So far I’m loving my Cali vacation. There’s more to come in the next few days as well. I’m going to Universal, Disney, another beach and Conan. There’s going to be delicious food as well.

Here are some pictures from today.

DriveWhile stopped at a light had to take a picture of the palm trees that line the road.

FlipCouldn’t get a real good shot, but where I’m staying is close to Historic Filipinotown. Whatever that means 😛

VroomThere was no traffic on the I-5 after Irvine so I got to cruise.

ZooSome baby and adult giraffes.

ZooHe was only like 4 feet taller than me, but I think I could take him 1 on 1.

ZooSome crazy looking bird.

ZooHis beak was crazy.

ZooFatty fat hog in the wild.

ZooAce Ventura Rhino. It really did look fake. I was waiting for Ace to come out.

ZooCalifornia Condor aka a big ass bird.

ZooThis one was taking a bath. I wish I could have done the same. It was so hot and we had to do a lot of walking around.

ZooThere was a camel at the zoo. I’ve never seen a camel in person before so that was pretty cool.

ZooThis bird was trying to escape the enclosure.


Some hairy Capybara just hanging out.

ZooWe took the Skyfari tram. Apparently people will try to escape it.

ZooA pic of Balboa Park from the tram ride.

ZooA nice little dragon – just chillin.

ZooSo I thought this gator was fake for the longest time. It wasn’t moving. I had to look at it’s eyes to verify it was real.

ZooZooSome monkeys eating and doing their thing swinging around.

ZooHarambe just hanging out eating some twigs and leaves.

ZooMore Harambes hanging out.

ZooTotally forget what these things are called, but they are a mixed breed of stuff.

ZooMy spirit animal.

ZooThey didn’t do synchronized swimming. I was disappointed.

ZooSleepy Panda is sleepy.

ZooShe got up and moved around which was pretty exciting.

ZooUntil next time Panda.

ZooI didn’t see the animal in the cage, but figured taking a picture of the sign was the next best thing.


After the Zoo we went to get some burrito’s at JV’s

FoodThey have some pickled veggies to munch on while you wait.

Mission BeachWent to Mission Beach to eat the burritos. The beaches on the west coast are very beautiful. I like how they are setup with the boardwalk and shops near by as well.

FoodThis badboy was super filling and super delicious. It’s a California roll.

FoodI was determined to eat it all. I mean I drove 2.5 hours to get it. A Cali roll has Carne Asada, Potato, Guac, Sour Cream, Salsa and Cheese.


2016-11-09 : Lito Adventures

Took an early morning flight from JFK to LAX for the second part of my vacation before I start my new job.

Hung out with a former client at my old job in LA. Saw some sights and had dinner with some friends for my first In and Out. Didn’t do much walking around. My friend Cody and his girlfriend Jordan drove me around Hollywood after In and Out and I got a nice little tour.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to San Diego to meet up with some other friends and going to the Zoo. Should have a bunch of pictures to upload from that tomorrow.

Here the some pictures from my trip so far!

Airport Terminal

4am in the morning. I got to the Airport and I was exhausted because I didn’t sleep the night because I stayed up for the election results. But I slept for 5 hours on the flight so that wasn’t too bad.


So the check in for Virgin didn’t open until 4:30am. I had to wait for it since I got there so early. I also didn’t have to check-in since I already had my boarding pass.


The airport was surprisingly busy at 4 in the morning.

GateI had to move to 3 different terminals after going thru security. I just wanted to nap before the flight, but good thing I didn’t.

GateIf I did nap, I think I wouldn’t have heard the alerts on my phone about the gate change.

ChairSomeone had a sweet sticker pack and used it on my seat at terminal A6.

RedI passed out right after takeoff and woke up about 5 hours into the flight. I’m always interesting in the stats of the plane. It’s really cold at 34,000 ft in the air.

RentalGot a sweet rental car. Funny story I got on the shuttle bus for the rentals, but I didn’t realize I needed to get on a specify one. So I had to take a shuttle back to the airport and wait for the right one. Luckily I wasn’t too exhausted and figured it out.

405So I got to drive on the 405 which has 6 lanes and 1 HOV lane. I was so excited to drive fast, but of course there was traffic. I did get to drive through some neighborhoods on my way to see people. Nice areas throughout LA.

CanonParking in LA is pretty horrible. If I ever moved my job would have to have a paid garage and my house would need to have a driveway. I went to visit a former client and had to park a little bit away.

WillyThis is the building of the former client. I really like their office. They have full windows and plenty of sunlight. My old office was so dark. I wish I didn’t have to leave my old clients. I really do love them all. Maybe I can somehow get my new company hired by them.

LunchWalked nearby to get my first meal in LA.

PaniniPanini sammich from Walter’s. It wasn’t too bad. I was just starving.

GasSaw gas prices ranging all over the place while driving. This one was the most by far.

CrepesSaw this crepe restaurant while cruising as well. I’ve been meaning to get a crepe back in NY. I think I’m going next time I’m free.

AirBNBThere as a nice note for me at my AirBNB.

AirBNBMy first time using AirBNB, but definitely not my last. This place is in the heart of Hollywood and would book it again. It’s a nice spacious room with a bed, tv and bathroom.

In and OutThe main reason I flew across country was to get In-N-Out. Haha just kidding.

In and OutCody and I before eating. Photo credit: Jordan

2016-11-06 : Lito Adventures

I’ve been away and went on a mini vacation back to hang out with some friends. I got a job offer and accepted. I’m going to start Nov 16th so that will be fun. Another thing that is going on is I’m moving again. I’ll be moving back to Long Island and will be closer to my new job. 2017 going to be a good year. I’ll try to work out again as well.

I’m also going on another mini vacation to LA this week. So I’ll have updates when I’m there on the daily most likely.

It will be all about the food and hanging out. Just like this past vacation.

All this food was consumed in the same day. Don’t judge me!

Pumpkin Spice

Some Pecan Pumpkin Butter sample at William Sonoma while hanging with my friend.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cakes from Carvel


The OG Fudgie


View from my friends car while on the Wharf in Sag Harbor


Boston Creme donut from Grindstone in Sag Harbor


Senor Blanco Pie from World Pieimg_20161105_202136


Went to see Trolls in 3D by accident.