Holy Sheet

Okay let’s see if I can update this site more often and all that stuff.

So since I last posted… ALMOST A YEAR ago tons of stuff has gone down. I’m currently trying to get back into raiding. I’ve switched my main from a warrior to a cleric. I’m learning to heal which is totally new to me. I’ll post some stuff here about cleric and all that good stuff.

Social Experiment

So I got bored and decided to subject myself to this social experiment. So here’s a little backstory behind it. The place I work at remodeled, so it’s fancier looking. I usually dress pretty casual to down right T-shirts and jeans which isn’t the greatest of things, but I would get away with it because I knew what I was doing at work.

So I decided to start dressing better and seeing what happens at work. See if people will treat me any different than before. So I’ll be posting pictures of what I wore each day just as a social experiment for myself.

Feel free to check back and thanks for reading!