Rift Patch Two Point Four

You guys gotta tell me to post more on this site, otherwise I will just forget.

So Rift update 2.4 is coming out this Wednesday [9-18-2013] and there is going to be *NEW* raiding instances. I took a break shortly after SL and never really got to progress thru the content. So I’m really looking forward to progressing on the new content. I’m going to try my best to maximize my DPS on my warrior & try to get into the core of the my guild’s raiding group.

I’m also going to be leveling two alts to 60 and possibly learning them enough to raid. The two alts are going to be a rogue (Sniffy@Deepwood) and a cleric (Mimseh@Deepwood). I’m also going to try my hardest to get my EU warrior (Mimssy@Zaviel) leveled to 60 and geared up too.

These are my goals and hopefully I can reach them. If you guys want to PvP, quest, dungeon crawl or anything like that in-game please feel free to send me a tell in game. I always welcome playing with people that support my channel. Just know that I might be busy doing something else at the time since I’m trying to not a noob anymore.