My Layout

So I’ve gotten some compliments on my layout while streaming. I cannot figure out how to tell people how to use the RiftUI site since Rift changed where stuff is. So I just zipped my AddOns folder and will link it here.

So you want to unzip the folder to your Rift AddOns Directory which is by default – [My]DocumentsRiftInteface

Then take the Mimssy_EN file and put that in your Rift game location which is by default – Program Files (x86)Rift

Load up Rift and type ‘importui Mimssy_EN’ and your screen should reload and look all pretty.



List of AddOns in the Folder
Carnage Book
Conquest Tracker
KBM-Add Watch
Resource Radar
Rift Meter
Target Cast Bar

** NOTE **
This layout has only been tested on 1920×1080

Mimssy 2.3 Solo Build

This is my build for soloing stuff as a Warrior. I get people asking me what spec am I running, so I figure I should just post it here and then I can direct people here.

61 Champion, 15 Warlord, 0 Riftblade

Dominating Bearing
Recovery Posture <-- The reason this build is viable Storm Blade Shared Suffering Macros:

#show Thunderous Strike
cast Thunderous Strike
cast Titan’s Strike
cast Bladefury

That’s it for macros haha.

Things to Note:

For builders, I just spam Mighty Blow and use Cornered Beast off cooldown.

I grab mobs using Mark of Exclusion and use Sergeant’s Order to pull in casters that don’t want to move their lazy ass.

It has an interrupt – Neck Punch

There is also a shield just in case you need to wait for CB – Weapon Defense

Enjoy the build. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the channel and ask me some questions.

Forgot About This Site…

Hey everyone,

So I took a break from Rift for several months, but I’m back now. I’m going to try to keep up with news about Rift and post more to this site. I totally forgot I had this site up and running. I’m such a noob.

But I’m planning on doing more with it like I said. I’m also going to try to be more interactive with the stream, so make sure you follow the stream and say hello.

– Mimssy