My Addons

These are the addons that I currently use. If you think I should be using another addon let me know and post it in the comments.

All of these addons can be downloaded at or

My UI – Mofix UI – Here
I edited my layout, but it is based on this one.

RiftMeter – Here
I use this as my damage meter.

Gadgets – Here
I use the Range Finder which I find helpful in raids.

Karuul’s Alerting System – Here
This is for custom alerts that is SUPER customizable. I use it for alerts for MoE and Toxic Spores in PF.

King Boss Mods (KBM) – Here
This is for alerts and timers on boss fights for dungeons and raids. I highly recommend this addon. Just make sure you don’t depend on it in case it breaks. I also use the AddWatch (Here) plugin so I can see who is targeting what.

Target Cast Bar – Here
This is just for me. I scale it to 2.75 and put it in the middle of my screen so I can read the casts very easily. Blue means interrupt. Easy.

Money Bar – Here
This just puts your currency in a little bar that you put on your screen.

FFSplit Settings

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my stream. A lot of people wanted to know the settings I use to produce the quality you see. So I figured I would write this up to help all of your guys and gals out there.

I don’t have fraps or anything so I couldn’t make a video of me installing it and setting it up, so I just took screenshots.

Step 1 – Go and find out your max upload. You have to go to Speedtest and find out. Make sure that you aren’t downloading or uploading anything. You want the computer to be doing as little as possible. So go to that page and hit begin test. At the end of the test you will get something like this:

Step 2 – Download the latest FFSplit from their site.

Step 3 – Configure FFSplit. This is where you will have to tweak the settings according to your machine. My machine is decent midrange I would say and it can stream pretty well. You might have to turn down settings or you can turn them up to get the desired look. Here are the basic settings for my FFSplit. If I don’t have a screenshot for the window that means I just let the default settings.

Video Bit Rate – People say to make this 70-75% of your max upload. I have it set to less than that, but it works for me. It is something you will have to mess around with.

Step 4 – Adjust the settings and images/overlays to your liking. I have the settings the way they are for my layout in Rift. You probably have a different layout so you will have to move things around.

Step 5 – Streamer link. Go here – when you are logged in & hit show key.

That’s all I did to configure FFSplit. I hope this guide helps anyone that wants to stream or improve their stream.

If you have any question you can leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it.