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My Layout

So I’ve gotten some compliments on my layout while streaming. I cannot figure out how to tell people how to use the RiftUI site since Rift changed where stuff is. So I just zipped my AddOns folder and will link it here.

So you want to unzip the folder to your Rift AddOns Directory which is by default – [My]DocumentsRiftInteface

Then take the Mimssy_EN file and put that in your Rift game location which is by default – Program Files (x86)Rift

Load up Rift and type ‘importui Mimssy_EN’ and your screen should reload and look all pretty.



List of AddOns in the Folder
Carnage Book
Conquest Tracker
KBM-Add Watch
Resource Radar
Rift Meter
Target Cast Bar

** NOTE **
This layout has only been tested on 1920×1080

Mimssy 2.3 Solo Build

This is my build for soloing stuff as a Warrior. I get people asking me what spec am I running, so I figure I should just post it here and then I can direct people here.

61 Champion, 15 Warlord, 0 Riftblade

Dominating Bearing
Recovery Posture <-- The reason this build is viable Storm Blade Shared Suffering Macros:

#show Thunderous Strike
cast Thunderous Strike
cast Titan’s Strike
cast Bladefury

That’s it for macros haha.

Things to Note:

For builders, I just spam Mighty Blow and use Cornered Beast off cooldown.

I grab mobs using Mark of Exclusion and use Sergeant’s Order to pull in casters that don’t want to move their lazy ass.

It has an interrupt – Neck Punch

There is also a shield just in case you need to wait for CB – Weapon Defense

Enjoy the build. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the channel and ask me some questions.

FFSplit Settings

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my stream. A lot of people wanted to know the settings I use to produce the quality you see. So I figured I would write this up to help all of your guys and gals out there.

I don’t have fraps or anything so I couldn’t make a video of me installing it and setting it up, so I just took screenshots.

Step 1 – Go and find out your max upload. You have to go to Speedtest and find out. Make sure that you aren’t downloading or uploading anything. You want the computer to be doing as little as possible. So go to that page and hit begin test. At the end of the test you will get something like this:

Step 2 – Download the latest FFSplit from their site.

Step 3 – Configure FFSplit. This is where you will have to tweak the settings according to your machine. My machine is decent midrange I would say and it can stream pretty well. You might have to turn down settings or you can turn them up to get the desired look. Here are the basic settings for my FFSplit. If I don’t have a screenshot for the window that means I just let the default settings.

Video Bit Rate – People say to make this 70-75% of your max upload. I have it set to less than that, but it works for me. It is something you will have to mess around with.

Step 4 – Adjust the settings and images/overlays to your liking. I have the settings the way they are for my layout in Rift. You probably have a different layout so you will have to move things around.

Step 5 – Streamer link. Go here – when you are logged in & hit show key.

That’s all I did to configure FFSplit. I hope this guide helps anyone that wants to stream or improve their stream.

If you have any question you can leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it.