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2016-02-29 : Lito Gains

Got a new workout program. Since work is crazy busy I will go to the gym 3 times a week. I got my trainer to design me hour workouts too so I’m not there too long as well.

I did my first on today and it took me 67 mins. She knows her stuff! It’s a full body workout and my body is all sorts of good sore. I’m really happy with it. I just have to stick to it.

In other news, I’m in line for a promotion at work. I just have to make sure this client likes me. What happened was a person left our company and I got most of his clients. The one that will get me a promotion is one of our bigger clients. So the handoff to me is 60 days. If I can prove to them and my company that I’m the real deal I will get a promotion in June.

So work just went from not much to 24/7 monitor my emails and to respond to this client and others ASAP.

Hopefully by June all my hardwork will have paid off both in the gym and at the office.

2016-01-08 : Lito Adventures

First week at the new job in the books. Like I wrote it was a shitty first morning, but I bounced back and had a kick ass rest of the week. I only work Monday, Wednesday and Friday because I’m an intern.

I felt like I was actually doing work today. I went with some coworkers to  meeting with client. It was good times. I got assigned some projects and I helped a handful of people today. I’m going to try to set myself up for success at this job. I ordered some study material and I’m going to try to get some certifications to allow me to do more.

What’s not fun is the train commute after work. But hopefully next week when I go to the gym it will allow me to miss rush hour traffic home. But I do love the 45 min standing ride, I really do.

Luckily I was treated to a burger and two types of fries at work today. Waffle and parmesean. I’m going to definitely need the gym if this keeps up.


2015-12-29 : Lito Adventures

So big things happening. Went into work today and setup my desk. I actually have a computer setup. It’s not the greatest, but it’s great to have a place I can call my own. I don’t have to put my stuff on the conference table anymore.


It’s great cause everyone has at least two monitor setups. Some people actually have three. It’s a decent setup. I still like my setup at home, but this is a good home away from home office. I’ll just have to get used to it and make it personal.

Here is a pic of my setup at home. If anyone cares, I have a Razer Naga 2014 edition I think. I have an older 2012 Razer Death Adder in case this one dies. My monitors are 24 inch Asus VG248QE that are running 144Hz. My keyboard is KUL ES-87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Cherry MX Red. I’m sure most of you have no idea what most of that stuff means, but whatever.


So what made today even cooler was one of my bosses got Shake Shack for the office. He said to me that if anything you will get fat working here. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Once I officially start I’ll be making sure I gym it up.


This job is going to force me into late night workouts which is fine with me. It will just mean I have to utilize my time better which is what I needed to do anyways.

So next week I’ll be figuring out my routine and then sticking to it. I’m so ready for my 4 month vacation to be over. I’m Spongebob ready!

2015-12-14 : Lito Adventures

Woke up so earlier than usual this morning. I was awake at 7am and rolled out of bed at 8am. Today was orientation at my new job. It was like Christmas eve last night. Couldn’t get any sleep. I was also really full from lunch with my grandparents.

So I got outta bed and got ready. I was at work 45 minutes early and that’s with me getting off the train 2 stops before hand and walking. I got off before cause the train was skipping a bunch of stops.

Orientation was pretty good. Just gave me the low down on what tools they use and how things work. I’m going back on Thursday to hang out and see day to day operations.

After that I walked up to 38th and worked out. Today was a scheduled off day, but since I haven’t been going to the gym at all I went to give myself a boost. I did back and biceps with 20 mins of cardio on elliptical.





After the workout I went and got some Popeyes because I’ve been craving it for some odd reason.


It wasn’t as good as I wished it was. But craving squashed.

That was basically my day. Sent out a bunch of holiday cards over the weekend and I got my first few today. They were the first two official pieces of mail that I’ve gotten at my new place since moving. I’m not counting amazon packages.


2014-12-03 : Suit Up

I’m going to have to step up my game even more and invest in an iron. Then relearn how to iron. It’s like riding a bike right?

Well it’s rainy today so I got my jacket on. Today I’m rocking a red button down that has a fine striped pattern and a cross hatch grey tie with white, red and black lines. Not pictured is a silver tie clip.